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Greetings and welcome to my blog! My name is Lyndsay Lambert, and my heart's desire is for this blog to be an encouragement to younger women, as Paul directed in Titus 2:3-5.

What Does Obedience Mean?

parent scholding childI mentioned last week that, when they were young, we taught our children that obedience means cheerfully, completely, and immediately. First, let me say that this idea was not original with us. We heard this definition of obedience from someone else; it made sense, so we adopted it.

We realized that the only command in scripture directed specifically to children was to obey their parents. (See Ephesians 6:1 and Colossians 3:20.) Therefore we thought this must be an important concept to teach our children.

Also we thought it was better to teach them concepts than to try to make them live by all sorts of rules. On top of that, when you’re in the middle of raising children—in the middle of what I call stimulus overload—it’s easy for you, the parent, to forget which rules are currently in effect!Continue Reading

What? Leave My Comfort Zone?!

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Have you ever thought about how human the people in the Bible are? I really appreciate that, because I can so much better identify with those who make mistakes than I’d be able to if they were perfect!

In BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) this year, we are studying the life of Moses. Moses’ name is mentioned in the New Testament more than anyone’s except for the Lord Jesus, yet he was a man who made mistakes and sinned.

I’m thinking specifically right now about the time when God revealed Himself and His plan to Moses in the burning bush (Exodus 3). I can so identify with his response. It wasn’t, “Here I am. Send me,” but more like, “I don’t think this is going to work, Lord!”

I think of myself as good with change happening in my life, yet when a new idea comes up about something we/I need to do, my initial response is invariably negative. The first things that pop into my mind are all the reasons why “it won’t work,” which, unfortunately, are usually immediately followed by them coming out of my mouth.

It drives my husband crazy. Rightfully so, I’m sure.Continue Reading

When Children Are Too Busy

Boys playing soccer
I once read a news story about a preteen whose mother took him to an activity before he went to school and then picked him up after school to taxi him to other activities, and he worked on his homework in the car between functions. His schedule was as tight as that of any CEO of a major company!

Why are we so concerned that our children might miss out? Why do we think they’ll be shortchanged if they are not each engaged in several extracurricular activities? We run ourselves ragged trying to making sure they are socialized/smart/well-rounded, but at what cost to our families and our relationships?Continue Reading

Family Dinners: A Disappearing Tradition

family eating dinnerWhen I was growing up and again as I was raising my children, some of our best family times together were around the supper table. I understand that is no longer the norm these days, and that concerns me.

I jokingly complain sometimes that while I was the one who home schooled our children and worked with them day in and day out on math, grammar, and such, like their dad they are all now more interested in politics and world events. How did that happen?

Tim planned to teach the kids history and political science courses, but formal instruction by him just never happened. However, we did talk about those things around the dinner table, and they stuck.Continue Reading