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Greetings and welcome to my blog! My name is Lyndsay Lambert, and my heart's desire is for this blog to be an encouragement to younger women, as Paul directed in Titus 2:3-5.

Priority #2: Our Husbands

happy couple on a picnicHave you ever wondered why people who have been married for many years (like 30) get divorced? I have a friend who explained what sometimes happens this way:

  • The couple is in love and gets married. Children come along.
  • The husband gets busy building his career.
  • The wife pours herself into the children.
  • The children grow up. The wife turns back to her husband, but he is no longer there.

I am concerned that, in this very child-centric society in which we live, this may be happening far too often, even in Christian and home schooling families. The pressure that our culture puts on families about what children “need” can cause us to put our relationships with our husbands on the back burner.Continue Reading

Making God Our Top Priority

Making God Our Top PriorityIt’s interesting to me that in several conversations with different women lately, organization has been a frequent topic of discussion. Obviously this is something that is a constant concern for many of us!

I think it always comes back to doing the most important things first. (See more of my thoughts on this.)

Priorities are very personal. The priorities in my life may not be the same as those in yours. However, for believers I’ve found that we can all pretty much agree that God should be our top priority.

That sounds good, doesn’t it? But what does that mean practically speaking?Continue Reading

Reading => Love of Learning

family reading
After I graduated from college, it was several years before I picked up a book to read just for fun. I was burned out from reading so much that was required, mostly textbooks that were not usually the most interesting reads.

Besides, I wasn’t raised reading books. In fact when my parents moved out of the house I grew up in, I was surprised to find that there had been a complete set of the Chronicles of Narnia in my home–books that I now love but that I had not heard of until I watched “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” cartoon version on TV as an adult.Continue Reading

Summer Vacations/Field Trips

Tim, Lyndsay, and Stephanie Lambert at the George W. Bush Presidential Library
Last week Tim, Stephanie, and I went to the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas. It was time well spent as we took a trip down memory lane into some not-so-distant history. It was very well done, using technology at its finest and having displays and activities for people of all ages.

In the years of my formal education, I never really liked history much. It always seemed to me to be only about wars and dates–not very interesting. I blame that, in part anyway, on the fact that many of my history teachers were coaches, and for some reason it just wasn’t their first love. 😛Continue Reading